It’s never to late to be an entrepreneur!!




It’s never to late to be an entrepreneur!!


Harli Jordean began his obsessession with marbles at age six. In 2011, Harli was named the world’s youngest CEO at the age eight. His company Marble King, now sells speciality marbles at a price tag of up to $1000 US dollars. But what if you are not like Harli and don’t find your calling until much later in life? Later in life may be long after you’ve graduated from college and even after you’d worked in a career that you eventually realize you don’t love. But that’s ok. Like the old addage goes, “No time better than the present.”

Jeffery Brotman launched the bulk food warehouse Costco at the age 40 – that’s right – 40. I am sure you’ve heard plenty of people say that if you haven’t made it by 40, you probably won’t. Had Mr. Brotman believed that, we wouldn’t be shopping and saving in bulk at the ninth largest retailer in the world.

But Mr. Brotman isn’t the only person to find true genuis later in life. Henry Royce found his even later, founding the Rolls-Royce brand with partner Charles Rolls in 1904 at the age of 43.

Still not conviced? Sam Walton started the Walmart brand empire, also affectionately known as “Wally World” at the age of 44. In 2014 Walmart was named #19 on Forbes list of the world’s most valuable brands.

And the list goes on and on. In fact, there are more incredible examples included in the infographic featured here, which was created by information designer Anna Vital at startup organization Funders and Founders. You can peruse to find examples up to and including Charles Flint, who launched IBM at age 61, here.

Still thinking that you might be behind the curve ball in starting a new endeavor? Clearly you are selling yourself and your dreams short. Think about so many of the products and services that we have come to love and how old the genius was when he or she created it. Looks like you’ve got plenty of time. Just go for it!

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